Aero Inspection Achieves CFM LEAP Approval

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Aero Inspection is delighted to announce that it has achieved EASA and FAA approval for borescope inspections and boreblend repairs on the CFM LEAP family engines. These approvals come after an extensive training period and product development within the company.

The CFM LEAP is fitted to the Airbus A320neo (LEAP 1A), the Boeing 737 Max (LEAP 1B) and the Comac 919 (LEAP 1C). As well as this Aero Inspection has achieved EASA and FAA borescope approval on the APS 500 and APS 1000 APUs. Aero Inspection has EASA and FAA approval for borescope inspections on over 70 engines and APUs. ‘Adding the CFM LEAP to our approval puts us in a strong position to support lessors and airlines for this new engine type. It was an obvious step for us. We are one of the 1st borescope specialist companies to have this approval’ said Operations Manager Owen Bagnell. ‘As we have offices in Shannon and Singapore we are able to provide global coverage on this engine type’ he added.

The CFM LEAP was introduced in 2016 as is a major step forward in engine technology.It can provide a 15% reduction in fuel consumption and a dramatic reduction in noise and emissions. CFM is estimating production of 500 LEAP engines in 2017, 1,100 LEAP engines in 2018, and 2,000 LEAP engines PA by 2020. With these figures, Aero Inspection is confident that they will be busy supporting airlines and lessors for their inspection and repair requirements.

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