COVID-19 Related Products

Seat Cargo Bags

In response to the current pandemic, our team at Aero Inspection Part 21 Limited are now able to provide a practical solution to facilitate the transnational, trans-continental carriage and distribution of essential emergency medical supplies.

Drawing on our experience in the use of some of the first cargo bags to be used on passenger seats for this purpose, we have developed and certified a low-cost high utilisation solution that ensures a continued safe operating environment for aircraft crew. These are designed to the latest EASA standards.  

Bag Size Load Limit Volume
Standard (Single-Pax) 22.5 kg 148L
Large (Triple-Pax) 50 kg 454L

➢ Different sizes available which allows you to maximise the utilisation of your available cargo transportation space.

➢ Designed to secure loose items/cargo supplies and protect passenger seats and crews during all phases of flight.

➢ No passenger seats removal is required: A cost-efficient solutions to carriage of cargo in the passenger cabin. No additional action to revert passenger cabin into its original configuration.

➢ Easy securing/strapping of the bags onto the passenger seats. A Secondary Restraint System is also incorporated on each bag.

➢ For the use of this product on other cargo applications (non-DG) items, an STC solution has been mandated by EASA. Additional NRE will be quoted for use of the STC solution.


Contact us today in Shannon or Singapore to find out more. 

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