Aero Inspection supporting the Asia Market

Aero Inspection International has opened a subsidiary company in Singapore supporting, leasing companies, aircraft brokers,  MROs and Airlines in Asia. Aero Inspection Asia Pte Ltd, headed up by Peter Bagnell,  is offering EASA / FAA approved Borescope Inspections, Borescope Inspection Witnessing, Physical Aircraft Inspection and Aircraft Record Auditing.

“We decided to open an office in the Singapore as we recognised that there was a requirement to support our customers in the region” said Bagnell. “With a large amount of growth forecast over the next decade, we are excited to expand and grow our team”. he added.

The move the been praised by members of the leasing community and aircraft purchasers as there was a gap in the market for EASA / FAA approved certified video borescope inspections. With teams based in Asia, Aero Inspection can support your borescope inspection requirements with incomparable response times.

Your can contact Aero Inspection Asia on +65 9827 9002.

Aero Inspection has EASA / FAA approval on the following engines & APUs

–CFM56   (All Series)

–GE CF6   (All Series)

–Rolls Royce RB211  (All Series)

–Rolls Royce Trent   (500-900 Series)

–IAE V2500   (All Series)

–Pratt & Whitney JT8D   (All Series)

–Pratt & Whitney JT9D   (All Series)

–Pratt & Whitney PW4000  (All Series)

–Pratt & Whitney PW2000   (All Series)

–131-9 series

–APS 2000 series

–APS 3200 series



–GTCP85 series



–GTCP331- 350